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Warren Fleming
Photographer at Large

Olympus visionary

Olympus has been a journey in photography for me. I feel that without the passion I have discovered for the brand my sense of being a photographer would not be what it is today.

My father introduced me to the system many years ago when I first developed a passion for light. Ever since then I have grown in leaps and bounds with the brand. My first real introduction was during the introduction of the PEN series. The first in the legacy that has become their mirrorless system. I had an in depth knowledge of the system that rivalled even that of the import agency here in South Africa. Which led to them asking for assistance with the line and slowly developed my partnership with Tudortech.

I was soon nominated as an “Ambassador” for the brand here and did a number of training workshops, expo’s and product launches for them. As mirrorless grew so did my passion for their system, and when the OM-D line-up was launched it changed everything for me. I was given a greater role within the brand here in South Africa and soon became the go-to guy for Olympus. As the technology grew more intricate, so did my knowledge and desire to push the system further.

I became known as the guy who could push the system to the limits to test every facet of the camera and lenses in how I shoot. I will be honest, I am hard on gear. I shoot in dangerous rock crevices where I get battered with stormy ocean waves, to hanging out of helicopters where cameras get smashed around, to being blasted with red Kalahari sand.

The highlight of my Olympus career would have to be twofold. Firstly being given the opportunity to do testing on the Zuiko 300mm F4 PRO lens prior to its release in 2015. And then to be a guest speaker at Photokina in September of 2016. Photokina being the world’s largest photographic convention opened my eyes to a number of things in the industry, but more so to the diversity of passion that is out there.

It has inspired me to create content that I can share, inspire and educate other people with. My plans for the future for Olympus I see as mostly to be whom I am as a photographer and develop my skills in a vlog sense for all to take, use and enjoy.